Rent a Massage Room


     For the individuals who possess both technical and business skills, renting a massage room can be a rewarding career experience.



Why Rent?




- Run your own business - Set your own prices
- Only do the services you want - Handle your clients your way
- Handle your own money - Create your own success
- Use the products you want - Sell your own products


- Set your own hours! 


At A Second Glance Salon you can cross market with salon clients


The Cost

   $650. per month


What do you get for your rent?


1.    Maintenance

Well maintained parking lot including snow plowing and cleaning), outside building maintains includes flower beds and grass cut. Inside saoln will get cleaned once a week. All equipment will be maintained.   


2.     Utilities

Gas, electric, phone, heat, air condition, water, hot water, sound system,  refuse removal and sewer usage. 


3.     Secure Building

The building will be open Monday - Friday 9am to 9pm Saturday 7am to 5pm. Closed Sunday. You can place your schedule anytime within these hours. You and your things are safe here. The building is well lit, has security cameras inside and out, a monitored alarm system and bars on the windows.


4.    Massage Room

This privet room has Massage table, sheets, pillow cases, pillows, table warmers. Hot stone warmer with stones. Full room sound system and massage music. Also, seated massage chairs to do clients of the salon for marketing.


5.    Common Area:

Kitchen/ Break room/ Laundry room, complete with  refrigerator-Freezer, microwave, toaster-oven, sink, cabinets, Washer, Dryer and Table. 

Waiting Area

Waiting chairs coffee table for clients.


6.     Website

You will have access to the website with your own password and link. This will give you the ability to change your part of the website anytime you want. When a client clicks on your face they will go to your page that you control. Your biography, your services, your prices, your schedule, your business.


7.    Marketing website

You will have access to Constant Contact. This is a website which gives you the ability to build adds and send them out to your email list. Constance Contact is a great marketing tool.


     I hope you will give this opportunity serious consideration. I’ve been in my own business for 30 years and it has many benefits. Just the fact you get to call the shouts is huge. Plus, when you are not responsible for anyone else it’s even better.


    For more information please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Ron Nicholls